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Easter the Mining Bunny Rabbit
Hello, my name is Easter III
I am a female mini-lop rabbit, born in December of 1999.
Do not pick me up. I do love people, so you may pet me,
but be gentle. Some days I'm not here, I'm just too tired to come to work.

One of the first attractions our visitors see upon entering the main building at the mine site is our mini-lop rabbit. We ask that you do not pick up the bunny, but you may pet her to her hearts content. She loves the attention and affection.

We also have a very informative display of a typical mine site layout.

This layout shows the hoist house on the left, the shaft house and tram tracks on the right.

The display includes operational G-scale model trains.

G-scale model trains at the mine site layout

animals in the goat pen
Meet Our Pet Animals

Following your tour of the mine, you are free to follow the pathways around the site. You will first come to our goat pen and meet our pet animals They are friendly and docile, and for a small leafy bribe will allow you to pet them. They are in a pen, but that is for their protection, not yours.

As you continue your tour of the mine site you will be able to view the ruins of the remaining mine buildings (pump house and hoist buildings) and you will also see our collection of antique engines, many of them are fully restored and operational. The collection includes engines by:
Troy Engberg
American Blower Company, circa 1905
Fairbanks Morse

 20 hp oil field engine

 mining equipment

20 HP Oil Field Engine

Built in the 1890's, this engine pumped oil wells in Pennsylvania and was fueled by the Natural Gas from the wells.

Weight 5,000 lbs.

Delaware Mine Collection.

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